About us


UAB Plieno Kalvė was established in 2005. Several blacksmiths and welders grouped together to set up smithery and metal workshops. They commenced their activities in small and confined spaces, with minimal working equipment, but consistent and hard work allowed them to bring together a team of professional designers, blacksmiths, and welders, to expand the production facilities, and to acquire all the necessary equipment. Having started from small operations, the people working in the company now are able to design and manufacture high-quality artistic products. Over the years of its operation, the company has performed many works not only in Lithuania but also in many foreign countries. UAB Plieno Kalvė remains committed to expanding its activities and to impressing customers with new products and unique ideas.


The company’s main activity is artistic smithery works. We create various exquisite projects ranging from hand-drawn sketches to detailed design drawings. We refine customers’ ideas, offer our own options, provide advice and practical solutions. Our company cooperates with architects, designers, artists, carpenters, sculptors, glass processors and other specialists, to whom our services are relevant. We perform installation works throughout Lithuania as well as abroad. You can review our works here.


The company’s specialists can also create and perform various non-standard and modern metal works. If complex, non-standard, and artistic solutions are needed, you are on the right road, since it is our specialisation. We design and manufacture modern stairwells, handrails, lighting fixtures, furniture, and other interior and exterior articles. We participate in various projects for the outfit of public and individual premises. You can review our works here.


UAB Plieno Kalvė is a team of professional blacksmiths, welders, and designers who have artistic souls and can collectively create one-of-a-kind, unique products. This can be interior and exterior parts, sculptures, gifts, and various other articles. You can review works of our several artists here.