Wrought ironwork and artistic blacksmith

Our products

Fences, gates, wickets

Gates and fences are not just beautiful architectural extensions of manors and houses, but also great security guards. Therefore, gates and fences must be durable and aesthetically appropriate in terms of style.


Balcony handrails

Balcony is the one of the most important architectural elements of the building. We can manufacture the balcony railings of various complexity, from the simplest to the most complex. Not only high quality of manufacturing matters..


Staircase railings

Stair railings can probably be considered as the basic parts of interior, so they must be made to be attracting and safe. Our goal is to create railings, which can really touch your feelings and bring you a feel of comfort and other positive emotions.


Fireplaces and barbecue

Fireplace – a sign of home comfort, a thing that can gather all family members and friends around it during a cold winter evening. We produce sculptural, artistic, minimalist fireplaces, and their accessories. We also produce a variety of outdoor fireplaces.


Roof over the door

The roof over the entrance to the building is not just a protection from rain, snow or sun. It is an elegant element of design, which gives a feeling of fullness. Our roofs fit perfectly with the design of the building’s doors, windows, etc.


stair construction

In terms of style metal ladders are not any worse than concrete or wooden ones. Design and installation of metal stairs requires a good approach to prevent rocking and vibration. Before installing the stairs we individually design..


Forged arbors

Arbor is an ideal place not only to rest during warm summer evenings, but also to hide from the summer rain or sun. We can produce arbors of any sizes and shapes.


Forged lamps

Lighting should decorative as much as functional. Modern or classic design lamps beautify your environment, and after dark, add playfulness to the space. Forged lamps can decorate your house, a bath or a room with a modern interior.


Forged furniture

Forged furniture is made ​​by experienced craftsmen, it can decorate your home, give you comfort and exclusivity of the interior. Also forged furniture is strong and durable, so it can be passed on to succeeding generations.


Wrought ironwork
and artistic blacksmith

Our company is engaged in forging and metal since 2005. High quality products, competitive prices and great execution time allow us to continuously increase the number of customers in Lithuania and abroad. Our production facilities are organized with professional equipment for making forgings and other metal products.

Blacksmiths and welders of our company are able to execute any order – from the subtle, artistic products, to complex and time-consuming constructions, such as a fences or balcony railings.

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